Aim and Scope:

In recent years and in line with advancements in science and technology, the field of second and foreign language teaching research has witnessed substantial growth. As a national unity element, communication tool, and the backbone of Iranian history and culture, Persian language plays a significant role in Iranian education, society, cultur, and national security.

With the increasing specialization of second and foreign language teaching research in general and Persian language teaching research in particular and considering the significance of Persian language for national unity and enhancement of communication with neighbouring countries, an urgent need was felt for the publication of “Teaching Persian to Speakers of Other Languages”. This journal is affiliated with the Persian Language Teaching Center of Imam Khomeini International University and aims to encourage scientific research on Teacing Persian as a Foreign or Second Language (TPFL/TPSL) and to promote the field implementation of the findings.

Therefore, as the sole academic journal in the field of TPFL/TPSL, this bi-quarterly publication is pleased to consider the original works of researchers and scholars in the field.

Major topics:

The fundamental policy of this journal is to publish original articles which are drawn from field studies of TPFL/TPSL.

  • Approaches and methods of teaching Persian to speakers of other languages
  • Teaching language skills and sub-skills
  • Psycholinguistics of skills and sub-skills acquisition
  • Design, development, production, and evaluation of learning and supplamentory materialsa
  • Teaching Persian for academic or specific purposes
  • Teaching Persian in virtual environment
  • Application of emerging tools and technologies
  • Managing multilingual and multicultural classes
  • Ethics in teaching Persian language
  • Sociocultural aspects of teaching Persian Language
  • Measurement, evaluation and testing
  • Future directions in Persian language teaching research§ and other interdisciplinary studies (applied linguistics, literature, etc.)